Culligan Water Systems Eligible for Saskatchewan Renovation Tax Credit

Tax Credit
We're here when you need us: Culligan Saskatoon has been treating your water needs in Saskatoon and Surrounding areas since 1949 by providing clean drinking water with our filter systems. Our business is dedicated to making your water better using the best equipment, best service, and best prices around. We're Locally Owned. In our latest news we are excited to share that Culligan water systems are eligible for the Saskatchewan Renovation Tax Credit.

Culligan water Systems are Eligible For Tax Credit

Culligan water Systems are eligible expenses for the Saskatchewan Renovation Tax Credit. The credit applies to fixed water systems.
To see a full list of Culligan water systems that are eligible, please contact Culligan Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan Renovation Tax Credit

The new Saskatchewan Home Renovation Tax Credit was introduced early December 2020. "Under this non-refundable tax credit, Saskatchewan homeowners may save up to $2,100 in provincial income tax by claiming a 10.5% tax credit on up to $20,000 of eligible home renovation expenses. Eligible expenses include the cost of labour and professional services, building materials, fixtures, equipment rentals and permits."
The Government recommends taxpayers should claim eligible renovations on their personal income tax returns on either 2021 and/or 2022.

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